Photo by Picardo Bravo

Photo by Picardo Bravo

"I hope that my endeavor has inspired many people to pursue their own dream, and above all to believe in themselves. If 67-year “young” can do it – you can do it!" — Trans-Atlantic kayaker Aleksander Doba

By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65.

As the American population grows older, millions of people are coming into a lot of free time, with their bodies still reasonably intact and access to a new generation of lighter, sleeker kayaks and canoes. Why wouldn't they strike out on the trip of a lifetime? Many already have, from 57-year-old Janet Moreland, who went on a 3,900-mile source-to-sea charm offensive on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, to Polish folk hero Aleksander Doba, who kayaked across the Atlantic Ocean at the age of 67.


Everybody's doing it

Soon, someone is going to realize that the answer to feeling good is not keeping gluten out of your gut.

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