Photo by Alex Matthews

Russell Henry. Photo by Alex Matthews

By Russell Henry

My expedition around Vancouver Island was all about going fast, so I chose a boat that would help me achieve my goal—while at the same time being able to carry two weeks' worth of gear. These days, there are a lot of boats that are similar in design to the Stellar S18R that I paddled. These "surf ski-inspired" sea kayaks are fast because of their narrow width and hull shape, which is distinguished by a long waterline and plumb, high-volume bow. What makes these boats so exceptional on long-distance journeys is the way they track on flatwater and in rolling swell. The S18R felt like a heat-seeking missile. I see huge potential for this style of boat for fitness paddlers, day-trippers and expedition paddlers.

–Last year, 22-year-old Russell Henry circumnavigated Vancouver Island's 750-mile perimeter in a record-setting 13 days. As told to Conor Mihell


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