Photo of Ed Gillet

Photo of Ed Gillet

Jeff Moag

The End of Being Lost

Remember Ed Gillet, who steered his kayak from California to Hawaii in 1987 with nothing more than his wits and a plastic sextant? Do you really think the bossy little voice inside Ed Gillet's smartphone is impressed by that now? It's hard enough to get lost already. Just wait until the future, when taking personal responsibility for locating yourself will be an exercise in nostalgia, like dressing up as mountain men and shooting black-powder rifles. Yes, we're safer. Yes, the Coast Guard is never more than a satellite ping away (until they aren't). But it's not nearly so much fun. Still, if you must, check out our review of satellite locators in our May issue.

Everybody’s Doing It

Soon, someone is going to realize that the answer to feeling good is not keeping gluten out of your gut. It's filling your lungs with fresh air. That person will write a bestseller, go on Oprah, and fill the backcountry with people doing their wilderness cleanse.


Packraft Revolution

Packrafts are reviving wilderness boat travel.

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