NRS and filmmaker Andy Maser released a new short film on Monday, February 18. "Walk on Water" tells the story of paraplegic class V kayaker Greg Mallory. Mallory, who lost the use of his legs in a skiing accident, uses kayaking as a way to escape his wheelchair and stay active outdoors.

Andy Maser, himself an accomplished paddler and member of the NRS and Dagger Kayaks pro teams, says Mallory's story is one he's wanted to share for a long time. "Greg Mallory is the most inspirational person I’ve ever met," says Maser. "Since the first day we met and paddled together, I knew that I had to share this story. And doing it with Greg’s trust and blessing was a huge honor."

While showcasing Mallory's remarkable abilities with beautiful footage of him paddling Oregon rivers, Maser lets his subject tell his story in his own words. Perhaps most moving, however, are images of Mallory fighting his way out of his wheelchair, into his boat and down to the river, often with the help of some very dedicated paddling partners.

Dagger Kayaks also contributed to the making of Walk on Water.