I always think we’ve finally seen the craziest Russian paddling video in the world. Some team of tough-as-nails adventurers in homemade gear from the 1980s runs a gnarly—and remote—first descent in a cataraft and that’s gotta be as hardcore as it gets, right?

Well here they’ve stepped it up again. A team of Russians traveled to Tibet to paddle the Parlung River starting high in the headwaters of the watershed. The Parlung Tsangpo is a major tributary to the famous Yarlung-Tsango, which rose to fame after Scott Lindgren led an expedition in 2002. the They paddled from Lake Rawu until the confluence with Quzong Tsangpo in 13 days. The whitewater in this clip is full on, continuous class IV–V+ deep within the stunning peaks of the Himalaya. Filmmaker Alexander Kosukhin captured the epic journey in this video clip.

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