Swims… they happen to the best of us. Aniol Serrasolses, the paddling phenomenon from Spain, had an epic out-of-boat experience while paddling the Wenatchee River during uncommonly high spring flows. Despite being ripped out of the kayak by a powerful hydraulic, Serrasolses pulled off an impressive self rescue and even managed to keep ahold of his boat.

Serrasolses described the incident in a Facebook post:

“Had the weirdest thing happen to me yesterday in the Wall rapid, Wenatchee river. Got over confident on a line and took a surf on a big size ledge hole.

Getting out of it was so violent that it pulled me all the way out off my seat. My right knee caused the skirt to blew on the side…
Tried a ton of rolls , didn’t work. Tried to take some time to close that skirt and get myself back inside the seat but nada…
In the end, one of the holes ripped me out just as I was going to swim…

Point is, the river is boss. Will always be. We are powerless in big water…. so do your very best to stay in your boat.

I am going to start carrying some flotation device cause I am done with getting destroyed underwater, got some good ideas already. Will let you know soon !!!”

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