Little White Salmon

Every spring people gather from around the world to paddle the infamous Little White Salmon in Washington state preparing for the annual race. Few female participants have raced in the past; TiTS DEEP founder Katrina Van Wijk was the only one in 2012. The 2013 race was different. Seven women geared up to crush the race, which consisted of two stages; a time trial down the main classic section and a giant slalom on Spirit Falls.

The seven women did more than race. They created community and fostered support for each other, key for growing the number of women athletes in extreme whitewater racing. Then they made a webisode about it. “Episode 5 of the TiTs DEEP webisode series brings the excitement and positive nature of these rad women,” says Van Wijk.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Little White Salmon Race this May with Nicole Mansfield, Katrina Van Wijk, Louise Jull, Louise Urwin, Kim Becker, Sandra Hyslop, Anna Bruno, Nouria Newman and more.