May 17-19—The world’s top paddlers gathered in Beachburg, Ontario to compete in the Ottawa XL during one of the highest water years in over a decade. The two-day inaugural event featured a big wave surf contest and a boatercross race, and the top athletes overall qualified for the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix and the chance to shatter the limits of whitewater competition.

Day two kicked off with the high-water boater-x race. Athletes raced in heats of eight down the two-km stretch from the top of Butchers Knife Rapid to the bottom of Coliseum Rapid, battling each other the whole way. The average run took about six minutes, and there were two swims at bottom of Coli Rapid.

The final heat had 12 paddlers. Marcos Gallegos lead Dane Jackson to the bottom of Coli during the finals but just missed the eddy at the finish and passed by the entire field. Katrina Van Wijk dominated the women’s class, giving her the second place overall and a spot in the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix. Nouria stayed strong and won the overall for the women, also landing her a spot for the Grand Prix.

Places from the day one freestyle competition and day two boater-x determined the overall winner and the qualifiers for the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix, to be held in Quebec.

Overall Results

Top 10 men:
1st Place: Dane O Jackson (USA)
*2nd Place (tie): Nicholas Troutman (CAN)
*2nd Place (tie): Kalob Grady (CAN)
*4th Place (tie): Ben Marr (CAN)
*4th Place (tie): Tyler Curtis (CAN)
*6th Place: Marcos Gallegos ( Whitewater Kayaker ) (CHL)
7th Place (tie): Tyler Fox (CAN)
7th Place (tie): Rush Sturges (USA)
9th Place: Mikael Hyla (FRA)
10th Place: Abel Thevenet (FRA)

*1st Place: Nouria Newman (FRA)
*2nd Place: Katrina Van Wijk (CAN)
*3rd Place: Mariann Saether (NOR)
4th Place: Katie Kowalski (CAN)

Congratulations to the top finishers from the Ottawa XL and especially to those who qualified* for the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix.