By Bryon Dorr

Allen Satcher had traveled the world following his passion for water and the outdoors, working as an ambassador for NRS as well as a river guide and instructor in paddlesports sales in Portland, Ore., and Tahoe, Calif. Then last year, Satcher lost his life on California’s Class V Upper Cherry Creek. He was recirculated in an aerated pothole near the third drop of a section known as “Waterfall Alley,” eventually exiting his kayak. Rescuers were unable to revive him after getting him to shore. He was 28.

Last weekend, on May 5, around 50 friends, family and acquaintances of Satcher gathered for the first annual “Allen De Mayo” event, which took place at Carter bridge on the Clackamas River in Oregon, and included live music, beer, and a raging bonfire, along with shorts and shirts that were spray painted with a stencil of Satcher’s face. People drove all the way from Washington, Idaho and California, just for the one evening celebration, which also happened to be held during the largest full moon of the year—a “super moon”—and many stayed the weekend to boat the local rivers and enjoy the amazing weather that they say Allen sent for the party. The culmination of the evening was the burning of letters everyone had written to Satcher and sharing stories about his life around the campfire. (Click HERE to see the video)

Allen will be greatly missed, but the party will continue for years to come. His smile and passion for life has obviously stuck with all that where fortunate enough to know him.