There was plenty of buzz in San Francisco this weekend as the Giants retook their lead over the Royals in the World Series, and with it came some serous innovation in the niche world of floating tailgate parties. Several sports news outlets reported on the paddlers who amassed in McCovey Cove, the famed spit of Pacific Ocean just outside AT&T Park where kayakers gather to reel in any home run balls that make it over the stands out to the water.

Dave Edlund, better known as McCovey Cove Dave during baseball season, is the unofficial ring leader of the party, and was featured in stories from both USA Today and on Saturday. The 59 year old was has been a staple of the cove for the last nine years, dialing his operation down to a science. "My favorite play is the home run, so that kind of attracts me to McCovey Cove," Edlund told USA Today. "I look at every home run, and where they've gone in the past is where they'll go in the future. I do what the players are doing, but I do it more fanatically. I shift for every player. From my perspective, I'm playing outfield." The strategy works; Edlund has 24 home run balls to prove it.

A baseball collection is all well and good, but Edlund’s statistically-informed work ethic was overshadowed when Fox Sports flashed to a clip of another kayaker in the cove mid-game. This is perhaps the most decked out kayak ever, complete with cooler, flag, dog (with doggy PFD), pumpkin and charcoal grill. Now, we just need to see him paddle it.

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