Monkeys attack kayaker! **language**

Somebody should have told him not to feed (and swear at) the animals.

LP the Wolf and Benny Marr get a nice beatdown on Class V (very) big water.

Proof that rapids always look less gnarly on the GoPro

You never know when your canoe will fall 100 feet onto concrete.

New Nova Craft Tuff Stuff material is put to the test.

Up and Shredding: How many 16-year-olds can paddle like David Silk?

And he even edits his own content.

Longboat surfing in Costa Brava

With masterful use of the barrel-roll across oncoming waves.

To get to the Slave River’s Rockem Sockem wave, you have to cross the Penalty Box

But it’s easier said than done…

What’s better than watching a dam blow up?

Watching a dam blow up in slow motion!

THROWBACK OF THE WEEK: Dog rescues two of its own. Yes, it’s as unlikely as it sounds.

If you are ever stranded in a canoe (and happen to be a canine), you better hope this pooch is around

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