Week in Review: November 13, 2015

Sweet drops, tough swims, fast times, and more!

No Green Race would be complete without some carnage at Gorilla.

Seven minutes straight (plus some sweet lines as well).

Liam Fournier on some surreal drops.

Including a waterfall through a cave: Squirting Siphon Falls

Half the paddle, twice the skill.

At least that’s what they claim …

“Sometimes to save a river, you have to buy it”

Learn the story of the fight to save California’s Blue Creek.

Exploring Mexico, Ben Marr shows he’s only human …

I’m sure he did his booties

The Wizard’s Eye team explores Madagascar.

A hard-earned first D, deep in the African island nation.

…and a little more from the Green Race.

Flying Frenchman Eric Deguil’s (co-)winning run

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