One of the biggest and ballsiest kickflips we have ever seen

Note the (very) shallow launch zone


I am not Pat Keller. Liquidlogic Kayaks Liquidlogic Kayaks Flying-Squirrel

Posted by Jack Orr on Monday, April 13, 2015

How to kayak like a pro in Mexico

So that’s what it’s like…

When Pat Keller calls something "the best event ever in kayaking, by far,” you should probably listen.

Take a look at River Roots' edit of the Rey Del Rio world waterfall championships

America’s most endangered river: the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

The fight to keep the Grand Canyon grand

Congrats to C&K’s Female Paddler of the Year, Sage Donnelly

…who just earned a spot on both the C-1 and K-1 US slalom teams….at age 14!

See the BEST PADDLING VIDEOS from last week.

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