The fourth annual North Fork Championship went off a few weeks ago and Gerd Serrasolses of Spain was crowned the NFC IV king. Behind him came Dane Jackson, Isaac Levinson, and Gerd’s brother Aniol Serrasolses. The race was close–less than four seconds separated first and fourth place–and any little slip could have cost Gerd the crown.

Watching this video, you can’t help but notice the slight variations in style and lines that led to Gerd’s ultimate victory. I was particularly struck by the fact that the winning run seemed to require the least amount of strokes. Sure enough, after I subjected the footage to an admittedly unscientific paddle stroke count, it turned out the king took the fewest followed by Dane, Aniol, and Isaac.

Gerd: 144
Dane: 154
Aniol: 158
Isaac: 161

Which begs the question: Did the winning runs require fewer strokes because they followed near-perfect lines (and therefore were left with a shorter distance to travel) or were the stokes used simply more efficient? Maybe both? Let us know in the comments.

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