Last year’s Green Race champion and runner-up were determined by a one-second disparity on one of four timing watches (the other three showed identical times). Isaac Levinson, who narrowly beat Dane Jackson, is hungry for more. This video from last Wednesday shows Levinson following race stalwart Pat Keller down the Narrows and putting up an impressive time after torrential North Carolina rains boosted flow levels to 25 inches (American Whitewater cites the 100-percent release level between 7-9 inches as ‘the standard’). Last year, Levinson won with a time of 4 minutes, 19 seconds, and here, he and Keller complete this high-water lap in just over four minutes (Levinson at 4:08 and Keller at 4:04). With rain forecast for the end of this week prior to Saturday’s high noon start of the 20th iteration of the famed race, this could be the year that the race’s 4-minute barrier is finally broken. (See more on the progression of the race below).

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