What is the color of water? What are the sounds of the canyon? How do you capture a place that is as mutli-faceted as the Grand Canyon? It’s a place that is so complex on both the macro and the micro scale that it’s virtually unquantifiable. In the World Beneath the Rims, a video brought to us by American Rivers, an author, and artist, and a guide bring us into their world. “Beauty means something,” say author Kevin Fedarko. “It’s more than just an abstract idea, it’s something that strikes at the core of who we are.”

American Rivers labeled the Colorado River as the world’s most endangered river in 2015 because of drought, over use of available water resources, and habitat loss. The river still faces many of the same challenges today. (Check out American Rivers’ 2016 list)

Read more in C&K from Fedarko, as well as a paddling adventure into the sacred heart of the Grand Canyon, which looks at other threats to the iconic waterway in C&K‘s Digital Feature original, ‘The Confluence,’ presented by NRS.

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