Off season is a state of mind, right? If so, then these kayakers have a crazy enough mindset to keep them paddling in the dead of winter on Iceland’s iconic Godafoss (Waterfall of the Gods). German paddler Matze Brustmann—of Spade Kayaks—and his team were on a mission to Iceland to shoot skiing but the possibility of a little whitewater on the side proved too tempting to resist.

After a quick scout and a a set of jumping jacks to keep the blood flowing in the frigid -7 degree temperatures, “Godafoss in the winter is one thing that nobody really has tried yet because it’s not really obvious to bring a boat in the winter. We brought skis but we saw photos of the falls with the icicles and it looked tempting to come here and try… so now we got here and [we’ll] see what happens.”

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