What do you call a throwback to a throwback? That’s right, it’s a #tbt times two. It’s #tbt squared. It’s paddling math, folks.

In a poignant homage to an era long gone, Ben Luck and the Klema brothers (Matt and Nate) remind us that the art of paddling long boats in short shorts and ProTec helmets is not dead. After rounding up some old-school kayaks and paddles with a 90-degree feather, the team heads out to shred Baker’s Box of the Animas River, one of Colorado’s most notoriously committing Class V canyons. Not content simply to paddle downstream, the young bucks also threw down some stylish air guitar endos and paddle twirls.

The footage is so convincing, it’s hard to believe that it isn’t from the 1980’s.

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