By Bill Vonnegut

Perhaps nowhere else in the world does a dramatic ocean coastline swoop so close to a major metropolitan city as in San Francisco, California. This is the wild playground of the Neptune's Rangers, a group of friends with a shared love of kayaking where Pacific swell crashes into rocky shore. In their newest video, Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (above), spy on the Rangers as they cavort in the cliffs outside the Golden Gate Bridge and near Monterey's Pebble Beach Golf Course.

The Neptune’s Rangers began as six friends who, in 2011, formed a team to answer the Tsunami Ranger Big Sur Challenge, set forth by the late, legendary Tsunami Ranger Eric Soares. Now 13 strong, the Rangers have continued to evolve their own, fun-based style of rock gardening with the goal of inspiring others to paddle the watery wilderness in the shadow of the city.

You can find them on Facebook or check out there blog at Neptune’s Rangers Ocean White Water Kayaking: Our Rock Garden Videos.

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