Squirt boating isn’t known as a spectator sport. If you’ve ever seen somebody perform a mystery move from shore, it’s like watching a rather anticlimactic game of peek-a-boo where a PFD-less hand paddler sinks from sight only to pop up a ways down the eddy line. The only question is where.

The real mystery is happening underwater, though, where the boater spins in green light, riding the underwater currents few paddlers will ever experience. But if you’re not about to go out and buy a low-volume squirt boat, this video–shot at the convergence of two currents on California’s Truckee River–is a pretty good substitute, and will add a little mystery to your day. Go along for the ride, on what filmmaker Charge Productions calls, “Downtime baby… oh so sweet mystery moves.” Just take a deep breath first.

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