Video: Rafa Ortiz runs 70-foot falls on inflatable lobster

Rafa Ortiz celebrates international lobster day with ground-breaking pool toy descent of Outlet Falls

Most people celebrate international lobster day by … well, most people probably don’t actually celebrate international lobster day. Rafa Ortiz, however, chose to mark this year’s día de la langosta by descending a 70-foot waterfall on a lobster-shaped pool toy.

Ortiz, the star of the documentary film Chasing Niagara, emphasized the importance of this latest achievement, noting that Washington State’s Outlet Falls “has never been run before in a pool toy.”

“As human beings we don't often have chances like this. I'm really pursuing a world record of some sort, and this one really spoke to me,” says Ortiz.

Updated on 06/16/2017: It should be noted that this stunt was performed by professional kayakers who are experts in whitewater safety. This stunt took place with a safety team at a spot that the kayakers knew well. Inexperienced paddlers should seek proper instruction in technique and safety before attempting any moving river, much less a class V waterfall.

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