Little White Salmon long boating from Andrew Morrissey on Vimeo.

I guess you’ve become a true PNW local shredder when simply paddling a regular creek boat on the nation’s premier Class V creek in the snow isn’t hard enough anymore. Andrew Morrissey of Trout Lake, WA, is spicing things up this winter season by paddling the Little White Salmon in his long boat. Navigating the continuous boulder gardens and waterfalls is tough in a 9-foot creek boat and even more difficult in a 12-foot race boat.

And if you just came here to see him plug a long boat off of 30- Spirit Falls, skip to 4:34.

As the Little White Salmon grows ever more popular, the world’s best whitewater paddlers are finding new and innovative ways to push their limits on the river’s famous whitewater. It truly is the “promised land” for whitewater boaters.

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