What’s it like to lose yourself in true wilderness for five weeks? Willem Vandoorne, a Belgian packrafter, sought solitude in Southwest Greenland and found a spectacular landscape completely devoid of human activity. Vandoorne made a tour of about 300 miles, which included 100 miles of packrafting on a total of 9 fjords, 10 lakes and 2 rivers. With a pack weighing over 60 pounds at the beginning of his trip, he made only one resupply for food.

“And then there was this Greenland expedition... a trip which was without any doubt the most beautiful I have ever made and which has impressed and touched me deeply. The feeling which I had during those weeks in the wilderness is hard to explain. As I struggled through boulder fields and moraine, watched the sun set from mountain with views unknown to human gaze, and slalomed along countless muskoxen, I no longer felt like a spectator of any kind in this vast wilderness, but was an integral part of it, obeying to the same rules and laws of nature as any animal out there.” --Willem Vandoorne

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