While seals and sea lions have been known to climb onto kayaks before, they tend to need a good reason for doing so–such as a nearby shark. ‘Ron,’ however, a sociable seal who’s often sighted around the town of Studland on England’s south coast, appears to to enjoy getting close to paddlers. Ron has attempted to climb on filmmaker Andrew Linstead’s bow in the past, but this was the first time Linstead captured him on camera. “You know Ron, you’re famous. You’re all over the internet,” Linstead can be heard saying as Ron tries to hitch a ride (with limited success).

Julie Hatcher, a local marine awareness officer, told Bournemouth’s Daily Echo, "We've had lots of sightings of one particular seal in the last few months around Studland and Poole Harbour.

"It's unusual for seals to get so close to humans, as they usually like to keep a safe distance, so it sounds like the same seal to me.

"He's very friendly and likes to interact with kayakers a lot.”

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