Using a high flying remote control drone, Flow Motion Aerials captured overhead footage of the 2016 Callaghan Creek Race in British Columbia, Canada. Competitors must race in two-person teams as they sprint down the Class V race course in the dense coastal evergreen forest. The course involves paddling full speed over several 20-foot tall waterfalls.

52 racers competed in the 7th annual race.

Top five Results:

1) Raphael Boudreault-Simard and Ric Moxon: 15:28
2) Louis Geltman and Benny Marr: 15:43
3) Rhys Elliot and Carl Whitehead: 15:48
4) Phil Mitchell and Joe Morley: 15:52
5) Hector Darby MacLellan and Richard Kemble: 15:54

Full results on the Liquid Lore Blog

Video courtesy of Flow Motion Aerials. Follow on Instagram: @flowmotionaerials.

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