MTL Eau-Vive 2015 (100% drone footage) from Montreal en Eau-Vive on Vimeo.

The annual Montreal en Eau-Vive (MEV) took place on August 15-16, 2015, with two days of competitive kayaking on the Lachine Rapids near downtown Montreal. Athletes faced off in the freestyle, boater-cross, and SUP categories with big wave paddling in Quebec. Soar above the action as pro paddlers compete for their spot in the venerated Whitewater Grand Prix.

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The competition consists of four kayaking competitions. A beginner freestyle occurring on the Vague à Guy, a junior (<18) and intermediate (18+) freestyle occurring on Big Joe. Finally, there is the pros category which consists of a freestyle on Mavericks (with jet-ski shuttle service) and a boater cross down the Rapides de St-Catherine (with a jet boat shuttle provided by Saute-Moutons). The beginner, junior, and intermediate competitions have prizes for the winners, while in the participants in the pros category are competing for a spot in the Whitewater Grand Prix 2016. In addition to the four kayaking competitions, MEV also hosts two SUP (stand-up paddle board) races, and a “paddle with the pros” clinic.

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