Monday, June 20th is the longest day of 2016, and we’ve teamed with The North Face to encourage you, our readers, to get outside and enjoy the summer equinox to the maximum. We think it’s always best to lead by example, so here’s a look at how C&K photographer David Jackson spent one long summer day last year. “I’ve done my share of traveling and paddling,” David wrote of his epic day in Squamish, “but I’ve never toured tidal waters before coffee, looked up from a SUP board at a magnificent waterfall shortly after, paddled challenging whitewater for lunch, and then ended the day in ocean kayaks with a laugh.”

Not only did David and friends pack more into one summer day than most paddlers manage in a good week, he also shot all the footage for this video.

Our friends at The North Face like to live life to the fullest too. They were in B.C. recently as well, with a crew of professional funhogs and the storyboard for a video featuring skiing, snowboarding, skating, mountain biking, rock-climbing, cliff-jumping and even some kayaking. We can’t say for sure that they shot it all in one day, but they do have a lot of fun.

Use the hashtag #MaxYourDays on social media for your chance to be featured on C&K’s accounts. And if anyone can identify the creek that passes under the mountain bike jump at 2:12, let us know in the comments!

Sponsored Content: Courtesy of The North Face and Sherpas Cinema