The Good Times | Tallulah Fest 2016 Entry from Dylan McKinney on Vimeo.

Enter the beautiful world of big waves, big drops, and pure enjoyment through the camera lens of Dylan McKinney and Taylor Cofer. This is pure paddling eye-candy of the highest quality from Canada, the US and Mexico.

From Dylan:

“Always stoked and privileged to be able to have the opportunity to do some traveling around through whitewater paddling. Thankfully, 2016 has been packed full of adventure, action, and new and old friendships. I am ecstatic to be surrounded by so many fantastically influential people and friends. These individuals continue to inspire me to keep pushing my personal limits and goals on a daily basis. This is just a short glimpse of some of 2016’s most exciting traveling and paddling moments, these are The Good Times.”

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