Now you can play Hollywood movie mogul and help save a river at the same time. Filmmaker Greg Hamilton, a former producer for Warren Miller Entertainment, has two weeks left in a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his new documentary film, Power of the River about a whitewater- and fly-fishing-filled trip down Bhutan's remote Drangme river…

"This marks a step even further in the direction of creative collaboration for the betterment of the planet," says Hamilton. "The cool part about this step is that it involves paddlers and anyone else who wants to help save this river form being dammed."

Hamilton describes the film, to released next spring, as involving a cast of witty, charming characters adventuring into the unknown with a mission of saving one of the planets wildest, most beautiful places.

"This may be the last of this sort of float trip on the Drangme," he says. "Current hydropower quotas with India could require damming every last river in Bhutan. We saw dam survey markings and lots of road construction along the river and talked to locals about the ongoing debate in their country over economy vs. ecology.

"Like so many people in the world today, the Bhutanese are trying hard to strike a balance between protecting their natural wonders and exploiting them."

The river Hamilton's team kayaked, fished and rafted, the Drangme Chhu, is ranked #10 on the International rafting Federation's list of “untouched wild rivers.” <Click Here>

"The movie will be fun, rewarding and pretty wild, I promise," adds Hamilton. "If you love the majesty of wild nature, travel, adventure, exotic cultures, and great storytelling, please support our crowdfunding campaign.”PowerofRiver-Greg

Kickstarter Info: <Click Here>