Video and words by John Nestler

Twenty-seven days is a long time to be alone, but why rush through paradise? I started to hear voices, had extremely vivid dreams, and spent my days exploring the longest continuous wilderness river in the Lower 48. Despite my best efforts, much of the Grand Canyon is still a mystery to me. I carefully documented my journey, and will be releasing "Why Rush Through Paradise" next week on The film explores the solo experience and discusses the motivations and personalities of prominent Grand Canyon boaters from historians, to an eight-time soloist and a speed-descent paddler. The Grand Canyon has an inexplicable pull, drawing boaters back over and over. I’m simply trying to capture that pull and inspire others to take the journey and to explore this canyon paradise for themselves.

Stay tuned for next week’s debut of Nestler’s film and read more on the solo descent in the July 2014 issue of C&K, on newsstands now.