Canoe & Kayak has teamed up with open-boat expert Jim Coffey—founder of Quebec-based outfitter Esprit Whitewater Worldwide as well as R3: Rescue for River Runners—and Mike McKay from Five2Nine Productions for a series of whitewater rescue lesson videos debuting exclusively on Here, in the series finale Episode Twelve, Coffey explores the head-up foot entrapment, while running down a mock river trip from start to finish using all the skills learned over the series.

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Episode One: Getting Started
Episode Two: Group Dynamics
Episode Three: Safe Swimming
Episode Four: Throw-rope skills
Episode Five: Access and Mobility
Episode Six: Rescue PFD basics
Episode Seven: Live-bait rescue
Episode Eight: Rope system basics
Episode Nine: Foot Entrapment Risks
Episode Ten: Foot Entrapment Assessments

Episode 11: More Efficient Rescues