Check back tomorrow for C&K’s exclusive debut of the five-part film series, "Powell to Powell," which documents a 2012 expedition starting from the source of the Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park, navigating endless diversions and dams, to its “terminus” at the Glen Canyon Dam. Punctuated by a series of interviews along the way with water experts of all kinds ranging from farmers, ranchers, politicians and environmental non-profits, the series seeks to spread understanding of the ecological issues and threats facing a used and abused river drainage at risk, driven by the group’s downriver journey from packrafts at the headwaters, to whitewater boats through the raging Class V gauntlet of Gore Canyon, to lazy canyon floats, to the final push across Lake Powell in a unique solar-powered raft. For more information check out and

Powell to Powell: Portraits of the Upper Colorado (Trailer) from State of the Rockies Project on Vimeo.