Film by Will Stauffer-Norris and NRS Films

“You've got to believe in the power of the river to take care of itself. You've got to believe it just makes sense for there to be free flowing rivers in the world and for people to be able to experience them." — Travis Winn, Last Descents River Expeditions

Meet Travis Winn, an American who traveled to China for the first time 15 years ago to join his dad on a first descent of the headwaters of the Salween River in Tibet. On that first trip Travis realized that most Chinese citizens had no way to get out and experience free-flowing rivers. And later he learned that at the rate these rivers were being damned, very few people would ever have a chance to see them in their pristine and natural state. Risking his mental and physical health, Travis continues to strive toward his personal goal to bring the Chinese people closer to their rivers.

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