In the latest installment of Mountain Mind Collective’s ‘Faces of Whitewater’ series, Todd and Brendan Wells chronicle The GoPro Mountain Games, a festival weekend opened with a challenging steep creek race on Homestake Creek near the mountain hamlet of Red Cliff, Colorado, and followed by a slew of mountain activities centered in nearby Vail, highlighted by a men’s and women’s freestyle competition, as well as a unique bash-em-up “8 Ball” sprint race on Gore Creek.

"This is one of the hardest courses I've paddled just because of how technical it is, and how rocky it can be,” said Brendan Wells of the Steep Creek race, in which he also competed and took eighth place. “I'm really used to smooth basalt drops and big water races at a couple hundred CFS, but you can't really paddle too hard on this kind of water, it's more about creating clean lines on a course like this."

It wasn’t all clean as this exclusive edit features plenty of carnage near the steep creek finish, as well as in the 8 Ball race on the final day of this weekend’s festival. (Check out more from the Games HERE.)


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