Cody Howard and company recently returned from their tour of kayaking Japan, knocking off a few firsts in north-central Japan's Miyagi Prefecture, located on the main island of Honshu, an area hit hardest by the devastating March earthquake and Tsunami. This C&K exclusive preview takes you to the stunning drops tucked deep in the heart of the destruction as well as the eerie moonscape of ravaged coastal lands in need of disaster relief.

Stay tuned to for more coverage of this expedition, and to, which will be releasing a featured documentary on the trip later this year through its on-demand video streaming service, Click. Pay.View!

(Note: Make sure to watch for a rare Komodo-chupa-manbearpig encounter at 1:22. "That was a 'Kamoshika,' a Japanese mountain goat," Howard clarifies. "It was literally humping a small car’s spare tire and then rushed us and started head-butting our car!  One of the wildest things ever.")

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