2.6 million. That’s how many people, at last count, have streamed GoPro’s 2014 Drainage Ditch Kayaking video which shows paddling daredevils Rush Sturges and Ben Marr careening down a concrete canal in Lions Bay, British Columbia, at 45 miles per hour. Before the duo launched, Sturges had doubts. “This is sketch. I don’t like this at all,” he says in the video. But by the time they hit the flatwater below, his tune had changed to “That was #*$%@& sick!” and plans for a second run started marinating.

Last summer, Sturges and Marr came back for Round Two, this time launching even higher in the ditch in a tandem whitewater kayak…just to keep things interesting. (“Oh god, I really hope this isn’t a bad idea,” can be heard at the top of the run.)

Sturges debuted the new footage at the annual C&K Awards show in Salt Lake City several months ago, but it wasn’t available online until today. Yeehaw.

In case you missed it, here’s the original attempt:

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