The Netherlands’ Martina Wegman showed her strength and fluidity, narrowly edging out Norway’s Mariann Saether by a single overall point to take the women’s 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix crown. Meanwhile, Dane Jackson used a narrow victory over Rush Sturges in Sunday’s final sixth stage, a Giant Slalom finale, to vault his way to another Grand Prix title. The win marks Jackson’s third championship title, having won the men’s division of all three invitational events, also hosted in 2011 in Canada and 2012 in Chile.

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Top 5 Overall Women

1. Martina Wegman (NLD) [34 points]; 2. Mariann Saether (NOR) [33]; 3. Adriene Levknecht (USA) [30.5]; 4. Sandra Hyslop (GBR) [24]; 5. Nicole Mansfield (USA) [20.5]

Top 10 Overall Men

1. Dane Jackson (USA) [164pts]; 2. Rush Sturges (USA) [144]; 3. Joel Kowalski (CAN) [141]; 4. Nick Troutman (USA) [126]; 5. Gerd Serrasolses (ESP) [120]; 6. Tino Specht (USA) [119]; 7. Kalob Grady (CAN) [109]; 8. Aniol Serrasolses (ESP) [108]; 9 [tie]: Bryan Kirk (USA) [104], Marcos Gallegos (CHL) [104]

Highlights below from Stage Four: Big Wave Challenge, Black Mass Wave, Mistassibi River, Quebec. Hannah Kertesz, Adriene Levknecht, Martina Wegman finished as the top three women, and Dane Jackson, Joel Kowalski, and Nick Troutman took the top three men’s spots, in respective finishing order.

Stage Five: Freestyle Showdown, finished with Adriene Levknecht, Mariann Saether, and Martina Wegman as the top three women; Nick Troutman, Dane Jackson, and Bryan Kirk took the top three men’s spots, in respective finishing order.
Sunday closed the two-week event with Stage Six: Giant Slalom, where Saether, Wegman, Levknecht finished as the top three women, while Jackson, Rush Sturges, Evan Garcia took the top three men’s spots, in respective finishing order. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights.

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