Day three begins as suddenly as it had ended at the small Buddhist enclave of Trilung Gompa. The caretaker who had fed Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic, rouses the pair early with a piercing Buddhist horn. The whole community comes out to see the pair off as they embark on yet another day of NF Payette type whitewater still carrying more than two weeks worth of food.

Half-way through the day a steep walled canyon appears on the horizon, sending the pair scrambling for a better look. Just a year ago Ben had ran into Mike Abbot and Allen Ellard after than attempt on the same section of river. Supposedly their attempt had ended at a shear walled gorge that sent them hiking out of the Canyon 10 km short of the Bhutan Border.

After the extended scout, Ben and Chris deem the gorge manageable at river level and proceed cautiously to a night 4 camp still 15 – 20 kms from the Bhutan Border.

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