Whitewater Grand Prix 2014

Kalob Grady sets up for a top-10 finish in Tuesday’s Best Trick Contest. Photo John Rathwell

Is Mariann Saether Female Paddler of the Year?

Yesterday marked Stage One of the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix—and what a rowdy start to the event’s third iteration. Athletes threw down for the Ottawa Kayak School Best Trick Contest. Competitors stoked and soaked in a sunny day on the highlight feature on the Ottawa: Gladiator Wave. With an unfortunate shoulder injury taking contest front-runner Ben Marr out of the Stage, it was anyone’s game, though the day ended up going to another Ottawa local turned freestyle stalwart (Nick Troutman), as Norway’s Mariann Saether took the women’s win. Click HERE to read full coverage and see more of John Rathwell‘s photos from the contest stage.


1st Place – Nick Troutman (CAN)
2nd Place – Dane O Jackson (USA)
3rd Place – Tino Specht (USA)
4th Place – Devyn Scott (CAN)
5th Place – Gerd Serrasolses (ESP)
6th Place – Rush Sturges (USA)
7th Place – Kalob Grady (CAN)
8th Place – Joel Kowalski (CAN)
9th Place – Chris Gragtmans (CAN)
10th Place – Bryan Kirk (USA)
11th Place – Casper van Kalmthout (NLD)
12th Place – Mathieu Dumoulin (FRA)

1st Place – Mariann Saether (NOR)
2nd Place – Adriene Levknecht (USA)
3rd Place – Nicole Mansfield (USA)
4th Place – Martina Wegman (NLD)
5th Place – Sandra Hyslop (GBR)

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