Serotonin is the chemical in our brains that is associated with happiness. And, according to recent studies, the chemical is produced while exercising outdoors.

John Rathwell (photographer) and Tracy Guenard (writer) are embarking on the ultimate North American adventure road-trip to discover stories of serotonin. The pair will take two years to traverse the continent, gathering the stories of people who have found mental wellness through the recreation in the outdoors.

Here is an excerpt from the project’s Indiegogo crowd funding page:

“We want to shine some light on mental wellness and suicide prevention. If we can motivate just one person to seek help and begin their journey down the road to recovery the project will be a success. Suicide has more than one victim. Friends and family also suffer when one chooses to take their own life. So let’s talk about it. Let’s make the changes we need in our lives to be mentally well.

“Once the project has ended, a selection of our best stories and photos will be collected in a coffee table book in hopes that the conversation about mental wellness will continue on. Proceeds from book sales will be donated to mental health awareness and suicide prevention charities.”

–Learn more on the Searching for Sero Indiegogo Page