Knox Hammack has been traveling the country dropping videos from coast to coast. Our Week In Review video curator, Kai Myers, caught up with Hammack to get the scoop on where he’s been, his favorite rivers, and which coast he prefers.

Knox and friends shred the West Coast

Knox and friends shred the East Coast

Kai Myers: When and how did you get into kayaking? Tell us a little about yourself.
Knox Hammack: When I was 10 I went to a parent/child kayak camp at Riversport School of Paddling with my Mom. I didn't enjoy it that first year, but my Mom and I went again the next year, and I really liked it. We kept going back to that camp every summer, and my love for the sport grew each year. When I was a junior in high school I got the opportunity to go to World Class Academy. Going there made me realize how much I loved kayaking.

Your last few videos have been about the east coast, but where else have you paddled, and where has been your favorite?
I attended World Class Academy for the second semester of my junior year, as well as my whole senior year of high school. With World Class I went to Chile, Eastern Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, as well as Mexico in my winter break. My favorite place to paddle has been San Agustin in Colombia. The Rio Magdalena has many fun sections to paddle, beautiful scenery, and a cool town close by.

Is there a single kayaker or kayak film that is your inspiration?
Dashboard Empanada by EGProductions and DEMSHITZ. It was the first ever kayak movie I watched, and it showed me how sick kayaking can be. Watching it when I was young, I really wanted to one day be good enough to run the drops being run in Dashboard Empanada.

(Here is the teaser for Dashboard Empanada)

What is your favorite river on the east coast, and around the world?
The Youghiogheny is my favorite river on the east coast. It's where I learned to paddle; it has a section for all levels of paddlers; and I love trying to find new lines to paddle on it. I never get tired of paddling it. My favorite river from around the world is the Futaleufu in Chile.

You have both East Coast Beast Coast videos and your production company's west coast video "Where Ya At", which coast is your favorite?
I love the rivers on the east coast and I always will. Both coasts’ rivers have different traits that make them great. The east coast boasts many slides and long technical rapids. While the west coast has many big waterfalls and quality boofs. If I have to choose a coast I would have to choose the west. I hope to attend college at Western Washington in Bellingham next fall.

Do you have any specific paddling goals?
My biggest paddling goal at the moment is to be invited to and compete in Rey del Rio in Chiapas, Mexico if it happens again. I think it is the most progressive kayaking competition and I would love to be a part of it.

Thanks for chatting, and good luck with your next adventure!

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