Two years ago, James Castrission and Justin Jones arrived at New Plymouth on New Zealand’s North Island, 62 days after setting off from mid-New South Wales, Australia, becoming the first team to paddle the Tasman Sea. January marks the two year anniversary of their incredible finish. So does this Tasman crossing go down as one of the greatest paddling expeditions of all time? Or does Freya Hoffmeister's record circumnavigation of Australia take it? Maybe Scott Lindgren's Tsangpo project is your favorite of all time?

In the March issue of Canoe and Kayak magazine (on sale January 26), we call out the best in paddling, from best expedition to the best paddler, to the best beer to drink after an epic. And stay tuned to, where we give you a chance to call us out on our picks. Tell us if we nailed it like a stout whitewater line, or flubbed it like a botched surf landing.