It’s a strange setting for a concert: packing three or four musicians into a canoe and having them perform under gratified Cold War-era bridges in Berlin. But somehow it’s a fitting setting, one that provides an intimacy and dynamic background rarely found on single-shot YouTube music videos.

The series was started by Linus Strothmann, 34, who long enjoyed listening to local Berlin musicians as he paddled his canoe through the city’s canals. He never thought much of it, though, until one day when his kids began singing under an old bridge. Strothmann realized the arched bridge provided “astounding” acoustics, and in 2014, he began taking musicians out on the water to record floating performances. Canoe Concerts was born.

“I thought I should bring this music to its right location,” he says. “Bridges connect us and so does music. Historically the Landwehrkanal Bridge was closed during Cold War years, so in a sense it is a nice location to show everyone what people are playing.”

We asked Strothmann to pick his five favorite Canoe Concerts from the dozens of videos he now has on his YouTube channel and website. Float along and enjoy.

Rhob Cunningham, “Wait Until the Sun Grows Cold”

Salamanda, “Visions of Thunder”

Daniel T, “Fire”

Friedrich Jr., “Weine Nicht”

Stephanie Grace, “You Make Sense to Me”