Last November marked the 17th annual Green Race in Saluda, North Carolina; and what a race it was! Boaters from around the world came to compete. Hundreds of onlookers stood along the sides and watched paddlers make it through the notch and down over Gorilla, the most visually impressive rapid on the run.

Many made through the rapid okay; others got a little hit. Probably the most notable carnage of the race occurred to a DSLR that crashed down the rocks on river left and fell to its demise right above Speed Trap, the hydraulic at the end of the Gorilla Rapid.

Earlier this week while going through the backlog of footage from various events, Canoe & Kayak online editor Charli Kerns stumbled upon the camera carnage clip. “I can’t believe I got it,” Kerns said. “I remember people going nuts, and someone told me what happened, but I was focused on the rapid so didn’t think I caught on camera.”