Dave Costello

Photo: Nate Pickens

C&K Associate Editor, Dave Costello, drove to the Kern this past weekend with his creeking gear and the hope that he might find a shuttle. A recent transplant from Duluth, Minnesota, he'd never been to the valley before. After a couple laps on the upper Kern at 5000+ CFS and randomly meeting up with local raft guide and kayaking instructor, Will Stubblefield, Costello stuck a GoPro on his lid and followed Stubblefield down Brush Creek, a classic Californian Class V run, at a healthy 5.5 on the visual bridge gauge. "I thought it looked juicy from the road," Costello says. " But it wasn't until after the run that Will told me he'd never been on Brush that high, and that most people stop running it above 4."