By Tim Mutrie
Published: January 12, 2011

Swedish paddler Anton Immler is claiming a world record waterfall drop… in a Kmart-style dingy. See for yourself.

Meanwhile, since word of world record waterfall drops travels fast—even if things get lost in translation coming all the way from Chile—we decided to look back at the real historic world record drops in genuine kayaks:

What: Palouse Falls, eastern Washington state
When: April 21, 2009
Who: Tyler Bradt
How Big: 186 feet
Comment: "Nothing even close to this has ever been done before. He just changed the sport forever." — Rush Sturges, filmmaker, former world champion and close friend of Bradt’s.

What: Salto Bello Falls, central Brazil
Who: Pedro Olivia
When: March 4, 2009
How Tall: 127 feet
Comment: This drop usually gets an asterisk (*), because Olivia landed on his head.

What: Alexandra Falls, Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada
When: Sept. 7, 2007
Who: Tyler Bradt
How Big: 107 feet
Comment: “Yep. That looks like a runnable waterfall. But definitely a little bit on the tall side.” — Tyler Bradt