From Kokatat — It’ been dry this spring in France, barley any snow in the mountains, no rain…However, if you searched hard , and with a bit of luck, Europe still had some amazing runs to offer. The trick was to be at the right place at the right time. This edit show some of the best creek in Spain, Italy and France. Paddler: jules Domine. Locations: Spain – Rio Arra. France – Tarn, Chartreuse, Vénéon, Rhone, Pyrénnée. Italy – Ayasse, Soana.

From DK — Here is the last DK boys whitewater video, “RainDrop.” The cycle of water takes you on rivers and freestyle spot all over the world. You will first be shivering, then you might end up smiling! Many thanks to the kayakers and partners for these awesome moments. This movie won two awards on the fifth French Kayak Film Festival: Best public and editing film. Directed by: Hugo clouzeau (Editing and Visual effect) and Stéphane Pion (Filmaker and editing).