If nothing else, 2011 proved to be a landmark year for paddlesports media presented from one important perspective: the paddler’s. Advances in waterproof camera technology and dropping price points have made it easier than ever for paddlers to bring back high-def reels from spots with real high-death potential. The growing helmet-cam democracy has produced some of whitewater paddling’s most engaging footage to date, as well as innovations in putting the pint-sized cameras from companies like GoPro, Contour and Epic to best use by putting the viewer in places they’ve never been, and creating perspectives they’ve never seen. Stay tuned to Canoe & Kayak for our 2012 rundown of the best paddle-ready POV cameras.

Here, Shon Bollock from Shasta Boyz Productions takes us behind the scenes of his latest release, Slippery When Wet, with a highlight segment shot entirely on the original GoPro Hero. With footage from California, the Pacific Northwest, Mexico, and Japan, the film showcases the following eight athletes that we’ve been keeping an eye on as the project has developed (Click the names to see each teaser, or HERE to find out more about the film): Evan Garcia; Chris Korbulic; Drew Duval; Ben Stookesberry; Shon Bollock; Cody Howard; and Ryan and Devin Knight.