By Danny Doran

Here ye! Here ye!

The King of New York race series wrapped up this weekend with its final race of the season on the Moose River in Old Forge, New York. In my opinion, the Moose race is the most difficult in the series. The cold weather, long flat water stretches, and steep, difficult whitewater make this race a challenge for all, especially for those racing sea kayaks.


I know I have had trouble motivating to go kayaking when the first snow of the season falls (it is almost always during Moosefest weekend here in Upstate, NY). A few brave souls set out for the final battle of the year, where only one remained victorious. The Moose Race is a gem of the racing season, and the final push for those who aspire to become the King (or Lady King) of New York.


After an intense battle, Pat Keller took home the crown for the series with his win on the Moose. Perhaps the most impressive finish was by Justin Beckwith who tied Nick Troutman for second place. Justin swam over the finish line. Not far behind was Brad McMillan, who had an equally impressive swim to the finish.

Moose Fest is a magical time of friendship and whitewater. For a lighter side of the fest, I recommend this video by Mike McKay.

Next year, King of New York will enter its sixth year and we hope you can make it out to see some of whitewater's best boaters duel it out in the Northeast. Have a great winter, stay warm, and start your training for next year's King of New York series so that we can de-throne our current King. Let's hope he rules with kindness.


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