C&K correspondent Scott McCleskey asks pro and amateur kayak racers alike the hard questions on the eve of what’s shaping up to be a historic 20th running of North Carolina’s renowned Green River Narrows Race: Who is favored to win? Will the race’s four-minute record fall? Will the forecast rain bring river levels up? How high is too high to race? The action begins at high noon tomorrow (Saturday., Nov. 7). Follow us on Instagram @canoekayakmag for coverage and results.

Green Race Safety Director and six-time champ Tommy Hilleke: Is this the year the record falls?

First-time Racer: Why is this the year?

Chris Gragtmans: What if the level exceeds 15 inches?

Racer in the Crowd: Will water levels affect your decision to race?

Racer in the Crowd 2: Why haven’t you raced in five years?

Emily Jackson: Does younger brother Dane, or husband Nick Troutman have a better chance to win?

Geoff Calhoun: Who is going to go fast?

Reigning Champ Isaac Levinson: What’s the fastest course time going to be this year?

Jason Hale: So Dane’s the favorite then?